Be with positive.....together we can and we will


            The Indira Gandhi Polytechnic College Alumni Association (IGPTCAA) has a highly active and growing community of over 500 alumni, living in over 20 countries.

            IGPTCAA is serving as forum to promote and foster good relationship between alumni, present students, management and teaching faculty. IGPTCAA has established endowment prize awards to the meritorious students.



  • To project IGPTC as a successful and a leading institution of learning technology.

  • Provide a platform for the Alumni of IGPTC around the world, Faculty, Staffs and Students of the institution to interact with each other for mutual benefit.

  • Create value for our Alumni members, their industries and society in general.

  • Encourage Alumni to contribute towards improvement in the status of the institute in areas related to Academics, Infrastructure, Entrepreneurship, industry interaction, Working-group meeting, Seminars and Placement.

  • Render assistance to students of the institute through Grants, Scholarships and prizes.



            It is the vision of the alumni of IGPTC-Mahe to project it as a successful and a leading institution of learning technology. One of the main components towards fulfilling such goal would be to motivate the students of the institution to win in their examinations and ultimately in life.

            In order to encourage the financially unsound candidates the educational prospect at IGPTC-MAHE needs to be properly supported. These scholarships have been implemented by the contributions from the Alumni members across the globe and well wishers of IGPTC. We are confident that the relationship between the present and the past students will continue to grow in the years to come.

            With this measure the Indira Gandhi polytechnic college alumni association with pleasure and proud lunched an “INSPIRATION SCHOLARSHIP” for the economically backward students of IGPTC-MAHE.

            The scholarship is meant for the best students of four engineering branches who secure meritorious victory in the board examination annually. The scholarship amount is ‘2500/-‘.


       Alumni meet is a gathering of passed out students of an institution and it is a place where the institution feels proud on seeing its successful alumni. During their meet, the alumni community shares their experience in the outside world, Which they faced after stepping out of the institution.



    Our 1st Alumni meet was on 05th February 2008 in Rajiv Gandhi Govt ITI Campus ground with immense pleasure and heartfelt happiness.“The first batch of students of an Institution is always equivalent to the first child for a mother", so are the students of batch 2000-2007, to IGPTC. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. 


        Our 1st Alumni meet was on 12th March 2011 in Rajiv Gandhi Govt ITI Campus ground with immense pleasure and heartfelt happiness. We the Alumni's and the college had conducted this meet as an "Inter Collegiate Cultural Meet" and we named it as "ORIS 2011". The Five colleges including IGPTC participated in this cultural meet. We have conducted the cultural events like Cinematic Dance, Fashion Show and Songs with Karaoke. And we distribute the Cash Prize for the winners.